Brazil Sailing, Salvador da Bahia

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The boat is clean and very comfortable. I was super well taken care of and the skipper was very friendly and attentive.

Sailing trip: 02/09/2018

By: Sigrid

Wonderful experience !!!!

Sailing trip: 11/10/2018

By: Glaucia Lima

Clean, family-friendly atmosphere. Everything is very safe. Unforgettable trip. The investment is worthwhile!

Sailing trip: 13/10/2018

By: Heidi

Thank you for the nice trip, gladly once again.

Sailing trip18/08/2018

By: Sabine Kaufmann

excellent experience, great service, everything very clean and organized, we will do it again and we will recommend it.

Sailing trip11/10/2018

By: Ariel Candiotti

2 wonderful days, the perfect sailboat, the beautiful trips, cozy atmosphere on the boat and the skipper Hartmut very good people, good conversations and sheer fun !!! UNFORGETTABLE!!! We still spent the night in the yacht, and it was really cool!

Sailing trip: 29/12/2018
By: Camila e Diego

Simply phenomenal! Beautiful sailboat, clean and organized. Hartmut is extremely attentive and prudently. Interested effectively in making the tour be the way we want and ours was so. I can only recommend!!!

Sailing trip: 01/01/2019
By: André Neiva

Beautiful sailing trip in the bay of the All Saints. Great ship, very nice skipper. Absolutely recommendable!

Sailing trip: 10/01/2019
By: Tjerk

Very nice and well maintained ship. We had a lot of wind, partly over 7 knots. The skipper is very experienced and a passionate sailor. In addition, we were able to experience thanks to the family of the skipper Ribeira. We will be back.

Sailing trip: 10/01/2019
By: Ursula and Lukas

Simply awesome! Hartmut is an experienced skipper and sailor, very organized as a captain and makes a perfect caipirinha (the best I ever had)! The cruise was really fun and the landscape around Salvador is wonderful. Thank you very much. I recommend it 100%
Bis bald!

Sailing trip: 28/01/2019
By: Nicholas Klein

Sensational! Attentive managers, clean, comfortable environment, and the Captain has a lot of patience with the elderly, concerned about the well being of everyone. The best tour we've done so far in Salvador. The trip is worth the money. I can definitely recommend!

Sailing trip: 24/02/2019
By: Julio Brito

It was a wonderful lazy day for me with Hartmut doing all the work and giving interesting information about what we were seeing. We had a break at Ilha de Maré with a special atmosphere at the beach and great views to Salvador. Sailing back along Salvador's skyline with these contrasts of rich and poor, all this I would never had if not taking this possibility with Hartmut. I recommend it very strongly!

Sailing trip: 22/02/2019
By: Mario

This awesome yacht is kept shipshape and bristol fashion by a very knowledgeable skipper who also organised our little cruise into a "Oh so wonderfull" moment. As a guide, Hartmut showed us points of interest along the coast and related historical events. We also had time to swim in the sea, sunbathe and have refreshments while enjoying a nice conversation with our host. All resulting in a truly singular and memorable last day for us in beau-ti-full Salvador. Merci capitaine. Et bon vent!
L'équipage des terres gelées du Nord :-))

Sailing trip: 15/02/2019
By: Jessika, Effyane, Lise, Bernard

The tour was excellent. It's the first time I've been on a sailing yacht. I felt very well because the navigation experience and peace and security of the host was transferred to me. The day was sunny and this intense blue of the waves was very beautiful. Hartmut was warm and very concerned, always smiling and sympathetic. We really enjoyed the rest on the boat, away from the street noise of the city. On the island Maré we had a lunch break. We ate a traditional moqueca with local fish. In the afternoon, it was a pleasure to feel the wind beating the face and the drops of water cooling the skin. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the sea and its smell. We were lucky enough to see some dolphins nearby, which made us very happy. Thank you very much Hartmut for his attention.

Sailing trip: 26/03/2019
By: Shirlei

To sail with Hartmut was a great experience! My husband actively participated in sailing. Enjoy a spectacular sailboat, for us it was a privilege. Hartmut has in-depth knowledge and a lot of experience and he is very friendly, attentive and helpful! We also had the privilege to enjoy the company of Leia and the beautiful and sweet Mia. Beyond the excellent and unforgettable experience, we feel that we have made good friends!

Sailing trip: 01/03/2019
By: Maristela P. A.

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience Salvador! We enjoyed how incredibly relaxing the day was on Hartmut’s beautiful sailboat. As a host, he was both friendly and easy to be around. It was a truly special day. This experience should be on the top of anyone’s list who is visiting Salvador.

Sailing trip: 27/02/2019
By: Meeghan

The sailing trip to Ilha de Maré was amazing! I only sailed two times before and really enjoyed to be again on a sailboat. Hartmut is an experienced skipper who already crossed the Atlantic sea with his own sailboat, so I totally trusted him and always felt save during the trip. Hartmut is really easygoing and we enjoyed listening to his stories about his travel adventures. We also sailed along the cost of Salvador and could see the famous lighthouse "Farol da Barra". I can totally recommend this tour with Hartmut. It’s a Beautiful way to get to know Salvador and its surrounding. Thank you very much!

Sailing trip: 08/03/2019
By: Sara

The experience with Hartmut was amazing! The nature is beautiful, he is knowledgeable, very nice to talk to and we always felt safe with him as captain of the boat. Hartmut has interesting stories to tell and also makes the best Caipirinhas that we had during our entire trip through Brazil! Highly recommend!

Sailing trip: 13/04/2019
By: Clemens und Miriam aus Kalifornien

A wonderful experience with very open-minded people. Hartmut and his wife greeted us at the agreed time and place and fulfilled everything that had been agreed. The yacht is beautiful and very comfortable, which made the ride even more enjoyable. Unbeatable experience and feeling.

Sailing trip: 27/02/2019
By: Josane

Sailing with Hartmut was a lovely experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves to be on a boat in the open water! It was really fabulous, so relaxing, and very easy-going :) The sailboat itself is top quality, brand new, clean, and well-maintained in perfect condition. Hartmut is kind, caring, and very go-with-the-flow. He is a great captain (knowledgeable and capable) who did 100% of the work while we relaxed laying out on deck enjoying the sun. If the sun is too much, there's a shaded canopy above deck as well as plenty of seating downstairs inside below deck. The boat is stocked with cold refreshments and we enjoyed 9 hours sailing in the bay -- would do it all over again tomorrow!!

Sailing trip: 23/06/2019
By: Eric

We had an amazing experience on Hartmunt's boat! We felt so fancy, being on his gorgeous boat for 9 hours as if we were celebrities on a yacht. Thank you for this experience!

Sailing trip: 23/06/2019
By: Jessica

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Brazil - Caribbean

"Atlantic crossing light"

Who wants to sail about 2600 nautical miles along the coast of Brazil from Salvador da Bahia to the Caribbean to Port of Spain (Chaguaramas) on Trinidad. We will start on the morning of the 1st of February 2020 in Marina Pier Salvador in Ribeira. The first stop is planned in Fortaleza / Brazil and the second in Cayenne / Frech Guyana. We will arrive in Trinidad about the 07.03.2020. Of course, this is just a rough journey and depends on many unknown factors. Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or interest in sailing. Also individual stages are possible. Further information can be found here.

Atlantic crossing

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Interested in experiencing one of the last adventures of our time?

We started with 8 people on board on 12.12.2017 at 12:00 clock in Pula Croatia.
After exactly 72 hours we have put on the boot sole in the Italian Leuca. After repairing a rudder damage, we set off for Sicily in the evenings of the 18th of December. We came quickly through the Strait of Messina and have on 20.12. spent a night in the marina of Sant 'Agata di Militello in Sicily. The crossing to Sardinia was quite rough with a good 3 meter wave. After a one-hour stay in Cagliari we used the wind and sailed straight to Mallorca.

If you have any questions or would like to join us on our journey, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Job vacancies

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We are a young and innovative company that is expanding continuously. Thus, we are always on the lookout for:
1. Skippers
Are you interested in new challenges? Would you like to combine the pleasant with the useful and truly enjoy your work? Then contact us and become a skipper for the sailing trips we offer on this website. What we require: basic knowledge of Portuguese and/or English as well as the necessary qualifications to sail commercially in coastal waters (at least SSS, SRC). We expect you to treat our guests in a friendly and entertaining manner - not using the near military tone that I have so often heard on German training and holiday cruises. Reliability, punctuality and honesty are German virtues that are also regarded highly in Brazil.
We offer a clean and friendly work environment, a responsible and autonomous position as well as a secure income. What is also worth mentioning is the career opportunities that come with working for a young and growing company. Whether you are a student or experienced seafarer, please send your full application to

2. On-board assistant, steward/ess
We are seeking a friendly, honest,attentive and well-groomed steward/ess to serve the guests on our sailing yacht. Your responsibility: to cater for our guests, look after their physical well-being and keep the yacht clean. Tasks include making coffee, serving breakfast, mixing cocktails and serving drinks, cooking and preparing meals, keeping the lounge, galley, bathrooms and cockpit in order, and assisting the skipper with his work. As we have many foreign guests on board, good language skills (at least basic knowledge of English or German) would be an advantage. Must be prepared to work flexibly as required for the sailing trip.
We offer an interesting position in a clean and friendly atmosphere, a secure income and career advancement opportunities. Please send your full application to

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Glossary of Sailing Terms

  • Starboard on the right in the direction of travel

  • Port on the left in the direction of travel

  • Bow front part of the vessel

  • Stern rear part of the vessel

  • Aft rear

  • Tack manoeuvre whereby a sailing vessel turns its bow through the wind

  • Jibe manoeuvre whereby a sailing vessel turns its stern through the wind

  • Leeward the side facing away from the wind

  • Windward the side facing towards the wind

  • Luff sailing closer into the wind

  • Bear away steering away from the wind

  • Sheet rope for controlling a sail